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Strong Little Seedlings

It's snowing outside. Called it. April 23rd and the sky hasn't figured out yet that it can stop precipitating this white stuff on us. 

But my seedlings aren't discouraged. They're still pushing through the soil towards the sun. It's only been a few days and already they've made an appearance!


Within hours, I witness noticeable growth. Considering I haven't replaced my defunct watering can yet (Mr. UpCountry's supposed to pick me up a new one at Lowe's today), I'm still watering my seedlings with a spray bottle. It's not the best method (by any means); I know I'm only watering the top half-inch of soil. It dries out so quickly, I end up watering the seedlings multiple times a day.

As time-consuming as this is, it requires me to spend a lot of time looking at the little guys (and girls). The mini-cabbage and kohlrabi are competing with each other about who can grow the tallest and the fastest. The Moskvich and Sungold cherry tomatoes, however, are not in the race. Actually, according to Mr. UpCountry, I might have planted the seeds a bit too deep. Also, he suggested a heating pad under my flat tray, because my soil temperature might not be high enough. 

I'm giving them a few more days to see if any little shoots peek through the soil. If not, it's rescue time!

Happy planting and growing! (and, if you're in Northern Maine, happy-cleaning-off-your-car! (hmph.)).

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