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How Not To Be A Snow Hater

Don't ask me. Heh. I might have been able to tell you a few weeks ago (when I still had a lot of snowlove left in me), but after yesterday's snow, I'm feeling a little pekid.


April showers bring May flowers for most folks, but upcountry deals with snow in April a lot more than it'd like to. We all know it's part of the deal of living around here, but it doesn't mean we love snowstorms a full month after the calendar announced "Spring!"

It's okay though. So what if I commit a hate crime against a snow man? :smirk


There are worse things to deal with in life. Snow shouldn't be such a problem. But why? WHY? (Alright, alright, I'm being a malcontent). 

The best way to not be a snow hater is to make the best of the snow. My dad proved just how perfect the snow is for snowball-making yesterday when he pelted me in the back with one (which sailed over the head of my mother, so he's lucky there).


We'll come out of this winter. We will. And sooner than later, we'll be complaining about the heat and the black flies. That's just the way it is around here. We like to talk about the weather letting us down. 

I'm doing everything in my mental power to break the cycle. I will not be a snow hater. I will look at pictures of snowflakes and remind myself of their beauty and uniqueness.

Pssh. Or I'll just lower my blinds, shut my curtains and watch summery, sunshiney YouTube videos. Like "Stare Into The Sun (Acoustic)" by Graffiti 6. Smilin' music.

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